How to Play Conversion with Internet

The board game Conversion offers multiple ways to use technology while playing.

Here’s an overview of how it all blends in to provide the players a great experience.

Players can use these platforms to accomplish the six online tasks involved during a game of Conversion:

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    Web Forms

    Smartphone-friendly Web pages following the format of this page you’re reading.

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    Game Portal

    Combines on a single page most of the pre-game controls and information—minus smartphone display optimization.

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    Smartphone Application

    The application brings Conversion to your Android or Apple personal device.

The Six Online Tasks in Playing Conversion

The six main tasks to carry out in a Conversion game can be executed via the platforms listed above. A single player can even use different platforms concurrently depending on what is the most convenient for each task.

The table below presents which online tasks can be executed on each platform, including hyperlinks towards the instructions on how to perform them. The hyperlinks under “Web Form” rather direct to the forms in question; players simply need to fill in the fields and press the button.

Tasks Web Forms Game Portal Mobile App
1) Register a Profile Yes Form Yes
2) Create a Game No Yes Yes
3) Get a Character Yes Yes Yes
4) Start a Game Yes Yes Yes
5) Enter Actions, Read Results No Yes Yes, Actions and Conversions
6) View Game Ranking No Yes Yes