Player Registration

If you intend to play several times to Conversion, or to create games, you need to register. You can do so by navigating to this web page. Fill in the fields and select radio buttons, and click on “Become a Member” once done.

The passwords are stored in the clear. DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD AS YOU USE ELSEWHERE.

Note that the email address is not mandatory, but useful for password recovery. In addition, it allows to accumulate points over each game played so your username has a chance to appear in the High Scores. Once done, click on the “Back to Portal” Link.

The cummunity allows for filtering the high scores exclusively with the members of the community. If a new name is provided, it will be created. If an existing name is provided, the player will join the existing community.

Member Registration

Login to the game portal

1) To login, players need to register (see procedure above).

2) Using a web browser, navigate to this site.

3) In the “Login” yellow section, the player needs to enter his/her username in the corresponding text field.

4) The player needs to enter his/her password in the corresponding text field.

5) The player needs finally to click on the “Login” button.


Password Recovery

If you can’t remember the password you used to register, but you do remember the username used, please follow these steps.

1) Using a web browser, navigate to this address.

2) Enter your username in the corresponding text field.

3) Click on the “Forgotten Password” button.

forgotten password

If your username is recognized and you had previously validated your account, an email containing your password will besent to the configured email address.

Password recovery email

In all other cases (account not validated, username forgotten, etc), please send an email to with the request and approximate date of account creation and we will do my best to recover your account.

Game creation

If not done so already, the player who wants to create a game needs to login to the game portal.

1) Locate the “Games” Section on the web page.

2) Enter the name of the game in the text field.

3) Choose the language of the game using radio buttons

4) Click on “Create a Game” button.

Game creation

5) Upon reloading the “Characters” section shows the character assigned to the game creator.

Character Assignment

The game is now open for other players to join and grab their initial character. Until all players have joined, the game cannot be started.

Character Assignment

Unless playing in the demo mode, a player who wants to grab a character for a Conversion game needs to login to the game portal

1) In the “Characters” Section of the web page, the players need to enter the name of the game assigned by the game creator in the corresponding text field.

2) The player need then to click on the “Reserve a Character” button.

Getting a character

3) The character will be shown and spelled out.

Character display

From there, the player can log out by clicking on the “Disconnect” link or stay logged in, and remove the character assignment from the page by clicking on “Hide”. The player would want to log out if the web browser will be used by another player to get a character. The player would want to stay logged in to start the game (see below).

List of registered players for a game

Any player can check who has registered for a game. This can be helpful to ensure that a game about to be started includes all players planned to play. Once started, additional players cannot be added to a game.

1) If not done so already, the player who wants to create a game needs to login to the game portal.

2) The player needs to click on the “Show Registered Players” button on the “Characters” Section.

3) Upon reload, the username of all players will be listed, as well as the player count for the game.

List of registered players for a game

Starting a Game

1) If not done so already, the player who wants to create a game needs to login to the game portal.

2) Any player who has been assigned a character for a game can start it. To do so, this player must enter the game name in the corresponding text field in the “Games” section of the game portal web page.

3)The player must then click on the “Start/Continue a game” button in the same section.

How to start a game

4) The Actions web page will open. It will show at the top the remaining time before the Great Demon awakes. If this display appears wrong, it can happen at this beta phase, just refresh your browser.

Actions page opening up

Round Action Entry

The game for which the action is to be played in needs to be started and the action page open.

1) The player needs to locate its username in the “Action Controls” section of the Action web page

Locating Username

1) The player need to choose an action from the list of available actions by clicking on the scroll-down menu titled “Choose your action here”. The first set of menu items are conversion targets. The second set are crystal ball questions and the last set are point-gathering actions related to the crypt. The game set of rules explain all these actions.

Action types

2) If a conversion is chosen as action, the player need to set the “Surprise?” check box when the conversion is done with surprise, or leave unset otherwise.

Surprise conversion

3) The player click on the “Confirm action” button to signify that the choice is done.

4) Other players performing a conversion in the same room need to select their conversion target by choosing their own action. In the case that the chosen action is not a conversion, the other players don’t need to select an action.

5) Once all related actions have been confirmed, one player clicks on the “Resolve” button.

Resolving Actions

6) The results web page opens up with the result for each player involved, indicated by their username next to the green and blue arrows below. In the example below, the player Stefan won the conversion over tde. The resulting points gathered by the winner is indicated as well, next to the red arrow.

Results Page

7) One of the player must click on the “Back” button when all players involved have taken a look at the results and noted them down, or memorized them. This opens open the Actions web page, and the next actions can be entered the same way.

Game Final Score

There are three ways the Conversion game can end. For two of those, the end is announced on the results page and a player can then click the “Points” button to get to the table listing the points earned by all players and figure out the winner.

Acces to Game Score

When the game ends with the sunset (the third way to end a game), the web page displaying the points for all players is automatically opened from the Actions web page.

Final Game Score

Game Controls

These controls are not normally used during a game. They can however be activated by the creator of the game only.

The game creator username is shown at the top of the Game Controls box of the Actions web page.

Game Creator

1) The game creator must enter his/her password in the corresponding text field

2) The game creator must then click on the “Activate Game Controls” button.

The Game Controls are now activated for a unique use. To use them again, they need to be activated once more.

Game Controls Activated

The activated buttons of this Game Controls box allow to:

- Enable password checks to confirm every action, by clicking on the corresponding button.

- Place the game in pause, or take the game out of pause by clicking on the corresponding button.

- Postpone the game maximum duration by any number of minutes entered in the corresponding text field by clicking on the “Postpone Sundown” button.