May I consult online the rules of Conversion Game?

Yes, of course! The English rules are available here.

Instructions for Using the Game Web Site

Very detailed instructions are presented here.

Is an internet connection required to play Conversion?

No, it's not. The reference section of the rules describes what adaptations are required to play without the Internet. The game is essentially the same. The way the characters are distributed at the beginning, the resolution of the conversions, recording points and the reading of the crystal balls are the main differences.

Is Conversion Game sold in stores?

No, it's not. The collector's edition is the only one available and it is only sold online.

How long must I wait to get the game I ordered?

We will do our best to fulfill orders quickly. Since each copy of the game is handmade, there may be a delay between ordering and shipping. Shipping is fast and the service allows tracking. If delivery times are particularly important to you, we invite you to contact us before placing the order.

In which countries does the game ship?

Canada and the United States in a first step. Very soon, we will be able to ship to Europe from the United Kingdom. We could ship to Europe immediately on special request. Contact us if you are interested in this option.

Is it complicated to learn how to play?

Since the game is unique, new players can be changed by reading the rules of the game. However, the mechanics are simple and we get started quickly. To get started, you can watch this explanatory video.

Will the game website be improved?

Absolutely! Feel free to contact us if you have any problems with the website or if you want to suggest improvements.

Can I count on you if I run into problems?

Completely! Our dream is to know that our game is appreciated. We will be pleased to support you, especially during this launch period. This project started in 1996. If we felt like dropping the game, it would have been done long time ago.