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Conversion Game, Collector's Edition in English

$99 (CAD) $59 (CAD)

Hand-made Conversion Game, Collector's Edition in English. The games allows up to 12 people to play online and on the board at the same time.


Product Description

The collection edition of the Conversion Game is handmade by the designer, emphasizing visual and tactile pleasures. It is offered for a limited time at a special price. This edition includes:

  • A solid black cardboard box
  • The Game board measuring 60 x 55 cm
  • 12 players' handbooks
  • 13 dry-erase markers
  • 12 polished rock tokens


Box Weight 2.9 kg (6.4 lbs)
Cardboard 96 pts FSC recycled cardboard (approx. 2.2 mm thick or 0,087 inch)
Printouts 240 gsm luster photo paper, polyethylene extruded microporous coated paper
Box dimensions 31.8x29.0x5.4 cm (12 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 2.1")